Everything you need to know about the Coin Master

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The Coin Master is an exclusive mobile game that has taken both young and old generation by storm. However, parents need to keep an eye on their children, especially if they are making in-app purchases.

Apart from that, the Coin Master is a clean and super amazing online game that can be played by anybody.

It wouldn’t be out of order to say that this game is among the top app on the App Store. This could be because of its addictive nature.

When it comes to Coin Master, there are only two kinds of people – the ones who hate everything about this game and the majority who are the diehards.

The game is designed to be played in Android iOS and Facebook. It is meant to be enjoyed by people of all walks of life.

To play the game, you are supposed to spin a wheel. You will get several items. These items will help you advance later in the game.

The things you obtain from the wheel will determine how your game will develop. Although the game includes different forms of in-app purchases, it is free to download.

Once you download it, you can begin to play the game instantly.

While it is possible to play this game with total strangers, you can still play it with your friends and have lots of fun.

It enables you to do all a mobile game can do when you connect to your Facebook account. You have the freedom to spam your friends with game invites, pester them for free things in the game and even attack their villages.

However, do that at your own risk. If you lose some of your friends, don’t blame the game.

You will gain a total of 75000 coins in your game when you start to play the game. You are also required to purchase a village worth 6000 game coins.

From there, every time you create something in that village, you will get a star rating. To be allowed to move to a different village, you must collect 20 stars.

When you build your village, it is now time to put your wanted name in the game. You can as well attach your Facebook account. In fact, this option will give you a good number of rewards in the game.

Essential items you will need to succeed in the game

Hammer is one of the critical things in Coin Master. Otherwise, what will you use to attack other villages and destroy them?

Hammer is an essential item which you should have, and you can acquire it from a slot machine. However, during the attack, the hammer can only be used once.

After that, you won’t be able to use it again because it will vanish. The use of shields can stop the strikes of a hammer. When your opponent uses shields to defend their village, a little share of their coins will be yours…
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