Why are espresso machines so expensive?

espresso machine in use

So it has been raining since morning and you are craving for that perfect cup of coffee that makes you feel like heaven?

Well, you obviously can’t go to the nearest shop and have to sit back and wonder why you cannot afford an espresso machine of your own? Why are espresso machines so expensive!

A common issue that coffee lovers face while shopping for an espresso machine is the unimaginable cost. Not everyone can afford an espresso machine and that makes them all the more desirable as well.

It often seems like Espresso is just forcing hot water through finely ground coffee beans. Then why on Earth are these machines so expensive?

Well, the logic is simple. No doubt, it is quite easy to get espresso out of a machine, but the technology that works behind making this task so easy is what costs you!

A lot of hard work goes into the designing and implementation of an espresso machine. It just doesn’t get easier by itself, you see!

Let us dig into this further and find out what exactly is there in an espresso machine that makes it so costly.


The cost of the espresso machine mainly depends on its quality. Cheaper espresso machines are also available, but you see they don’t have the quality. You can’t really predict as to how long would they serve you fine.

Quality espresso machines are manufactured using stainless steel, brass, or metal. All of this contributes to the cost of the machine.

In place of metal, industrial plastic may be used for internal parts and frame. But, this may affect the espresso quality and may or may not deliver that world-class experience you are looking for.

Components of the Machine

The espresso machine has a complex design. It has a lot of complex internal parts and components. These include the coffee bean grinder, the thermoblock, the brew group and anything else that contributes towards converting coffee beans into ‘Espresso’.

Apart from that consider all the stainless steel and brushed chrome that goes into finishing up of the machine.

While cheaper espresso machines employ more affordable and inferior quality material, quality espresso machines make use of quality components and thus…
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