How to connect your mind & body to the natural cycles of the world

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Does getting closer to nature and living a more natural life sound appealing to you? Connecting with the natural cycles of the world doesn’t have to mean an expensive trip to Bali – you can start much closer to home by starting to look at your own mindset and eating habits.

Learn more about eating food to support your hormonal cycle, start to eat with the seasons, find out more about your dosha, and practice the ancient Japanese art of forest bathing.

Connect with the world to get a deeper sense of well-being and presence in your life – here are some simple ways to get started.

Ayurvedic principles in a nutshell

Ayurveda has a long history – dating back to about 5000 or 6000 years ago when Indian monks first started exploring living in balance.

Ayurvedic living is centred around the idea of doshas and emotional balance that comes from a deep understanding of your own individual character and how to ‘feed’ it.

Through exercise, activities, eating, and awareness you can start to lead a more mindful and balanced life.

The three doshas that all people fall into are: pitta, vata, and kapha. We all have a dominant side, but in reality people are complex mixtures of all the doshas. Someone with a fiery pitta dosha might want to cut down on spicy foods to avoid inflammation, for example.

Dosha-led living is all about balance and finding harmony, not letting any single dosha overpower and dominate in an unhealthy.

The great way about the ayurveda way of thinking is its focus on balance and harmony – a very natural way to approach wellness.

Seasonal cycles and seasonal living

Seasonal living is known to boost creativity, especially in women. Through years of evolution and adapting, we have lived alongside our seasons and changed our habits accordingly.

Modern living has started to chip away at that harmonious relationship.

Take some time out to really see the seasons changing and observe the shifts in the environment around you. Take stock of how they affect you, and keep a diary to record how each season makes you feel.

Track your energy levels, focus, and motivation to see how each varies according to the seasons…
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