Add these easy steps for your cold weather skin care routine

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Winter is here! Time to level up that skincare routine as the colder wind will surely take its toll on your bare face. If you think that your skincare steps and products can last you the whole winter, think again, as colder months may mean more chances for your skin to dry out! Sure, your sunscreen and moisturizer must stay, but a few tweaks here and there in your daily step-by-step skincare practice can make your skin glow even during the winter!

We’re sure you already have your daily skincare routine nailed down, but here are a few steps you can incorporate in your daily care to make your skin look healthy in the cold:

Cleanse Gently

You may want to park your usual alcohol-based cleanser and opt for gentler options like milk-based ones. Winter leaves the skin to dry out faster due to the cold. Leave out cleansing with a brush or a coarse fabric, too, as it may rob the skin of its natural moisture. Gentle cleansing also helps skin retain the natural protective barrier that keeps it soft against cold winds and harsher centralized heating. Organic cleansing foams or oil-based ones are also recommended to make sure that the products you are using are not too harsh.


A golden rule during the winter is to keep hydrated. The first step is to drink lots of water and liquids. This allows you to flush out toxins and retain water in the body. Apply layers of your trusted moisturizers too. Swap your lotion to a cream moisturizer for a lighter feel on the skin. Before applying make-up (or right after taking a bath), be sure to keep the skin looking fresh with a layer of moisturizer. Colder air doesn’t mean less UV rays, so don’t skip on your sunscreen, no matter how gloomy the weather is.

Lip Care

During the colder months, it is the lips that are most visibly cracked. Chapped lips are typically caused by reduced moisture thanks to the biting temperature so be sure to drink lots and apply lip balm! Another tip to caring for your lips during the winter is to not lick them when they dry out. Prevent lick eczema by making sure your chapped lips are protected with a prescribed ointment, balm or chapstick.


Use a Vitamin C Serum in your routine, too! Snow is a very good reflector of UV rays so your white Christmas may just be as harsh on your skin as it is during the summer. Vitamin C serums help the skin fight the effects of photodamage and reduce dark and uneven spots caused by sun rays and other factors. Just like how Vitamin C in your food and supplements help your body boost your immune system, Vitamin C in your skincare routine also gives great benefits for your skin.


Turn on your humidifier when sleeping. This helps you achieve a dewy look on your skin while keeping it fresh and safe from drying out! You may also get a diffuser-type of humidifier so you may add oils and keep the room smelling life your favorite scent.

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