At what age should children start using smartphones

girl child using smartphone

Today’s generation is growing up with high exposure to smartphones. This type of change can not be controlled. Every child is getting high exposure to technology, even the modalities of delivering education are being modified to be more “smart”.

It is essential to accept this evolution and handle it with tact. The dangers of allowing kids to use smartphones are very well known, but certain benefits also need to be highlighted.

Child psychologists very frequently receive questions like

  • Is it okay to give my child a smartphone?
  • If yes, then by what age?
  • What is the duration which is appropriate for smartphone use?
  • Will it hamper my child’s development?

Experts respond to these questions with a simple answer, “it is a need-baseded decision”. There are many factors that go into deciding whether your child is ready to use a smartphone or not.

A parent is the biggest expert on their child’s needs, every child is unique and is growing up in a different environment.

Some of the primary factors to be considered are:

Safety purposes – Parents these days like to keep their children engaged. Children attend many hobby classes which they travel to frequently and even independently.

Providing a child with a smartphone goes a long way when safety is concerned. GPS trackers and other safety apps provide security to parents when the child has gone out.

Time considerations – The amount of “screen time”, you allow to your child is a crucial decision. Even when a smartphone is provided to a child, their usage must be monitored.

The child can be allowed to use the smartphone for a specific duration of time each day. If they are to travel outside then it becomes more of a necessity but if the child stays at home the screen time must be limited strictly depending on what the child needs the phone for.

Apart from these factors, the child must not be allowed to use the phone during the nights, as it impacts the sleep-wake cycle while altering the natural system of the body…
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