A comprehensive guide to buying pool enclosures

glass exterior pool enclosure

A swimming pool in the courtyard is an amazing asset to any residential property. Taking a quick swim in your private pool is arguably a glamorous way to unhook yourself from life stresses & worries, and especially after having a tiresome day at the office.

But, before you jump into your pool, you got to ascertain, the pool is up-to-the hygiene standards.

Have you ever heard of the term RWIs? Stands for Recreational Water illnesses, RWIs are water-borne diseases caused by germs. They spread from the swallowing of the containment water in swimming pools, oceans, lakes & water parks.

According to the CDC, over the years, the number of RWI outbreaks has increased alarmingly worldwide.

So, from the above, it is a no-brainer to say that just like your car or other valuable assets in life, your private pool requires regular maintenance for optimal swimming condition every day.

A Pool Enclosure Is A Must-Have For Your Pool

As the name suggests, a pool enclosure is a structure that covers the pool when not in use, especially during the off-season. Compelling perks of a pool enclosure are as follows:

  • Pool Covers Offer More Shade
  • Keep Pesky Pests Out
  • Keep Debris At Bay
  • Make Cleaning Your Pool Easy
  • Available Nice-Looking Designs

A pool enclosure is invaluable pool maintenance equipment. Such a piece of equipment that provides protection to your swimming pool. However, that’s not all!!

In this practical guide, we’ll take you through all you need to know about pool covers when buying one for your private pool.

Types of Pool Enclosures

Today, the pool enclosures are broadly divided into three categories-, flat, low profile, and standing pool covers.

Flat Pool Enclosures

They are the most cost-effective range in the market, yet they still appeal sophisticated on private pools. These pool enclosures sit right along the edges, covering the entire circumference of the pool, and the best part, they can be retracted quickly.

Low Profile Pool Enclosures

These pool enclosures are special in their own class. You can swim in it when the pool is in place, but you really can’t stand up inside. In a nutshell, you will have a great time in the pool unless you try to make big leaps.

Standing Pool Enclosures

These pool covers are the most expensive range, as they overcome the shortcomings of low profile Pool enclosures. The standing pool covers present you the opportunity to stand up and walk in the pool, even when the cover is placed on the swimming pool…
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