Buyers guide: how to choose the best mattress

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Choosing the right mattress is crucial to your wellbeing. The firmness or softness of your mattress will directly affect how you sleep.

Getting a decent night’s sleep is essential to staying fit and happy. It is important to research on the various kinds of mattresses to understand how firmness plays a part in what your body requires to get a proper night’s rest.

Your mattress is also dependent on your height, weight and sleep position. The prices range from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the size and quality. Picking the right mattress for you is a great investment that will entail years of restive sleep.

A good mattress should not only provide comfort but also support. Make sure to look for a mattress that maintains your spines alignment while resting and relieves your pressure points and joints. The heavier you are, experts recommend a firmer mattress.

Purchasing a sofa bed mattress without proper knowledge and a supportive base can lead to sleepless nights, discomfort with aching joints and muscles when you get up to start your day.

Online mattress retailers sometimes offer free shipping and trial period – where you can return the mattress with your money back if you feel it is not the right fit.

Here we have listed everything you need to know in buying the best mattresses from a reputable store or online mattress company.

What kind of mattresses are on the market?

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is made from hypo-allergenic moldable material that responds to weight and temperature. Purchasing this kind of mattress means it will mould to the angles and shape of your body, support your weight and provide relief to aching muscles and joints.

The memory foam mattress is not for everyone, because of its sinking sensation and tendency to absorb heat. It is highly recommended however for those suffering from a bad back and for those who sleep on their side.

Open spring mattress

If you’re on a budget, the open spring mattress is alternatively known as an open coil mattress, that contains metal wires coiled into many springs. A wire rod is set in place along the border to maintain its structure and…
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