How to create buyable pins on social media

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With the growing flare for e-commerce, promotional strategies have also evolved into digital and social platforms. Direct marketing somehow feels as ancient now, as the dinosaurs and Mesozoic era does.

With social media taking over like a wildfire, it has also gotten deep down in the roots of many businesses and forums. Preferably the latest marketing game, is the promotion of an e-commerce brand, by taking an indirect approach of content writing and converting relevant customers to paying customers.

Pinterest is also one of those fastest moving and hot selling social media platform, grown and progressed recently. Pinterest has nearly 291 million monthly active users. According to Statista, 79.5% of Pinterest users are female for the year 2019.

Pinterest buyable pins have been making the rounds, for the past couple of years. With so many users on Pinterest, it is indeed a very considerable route to making successful buyers.

The blue-colored buyable pins facilitate Pinterest users to buy directly on Pinterest, the product they desire without ever leaving Pinterest.

Benefits of buyable pins

Buyable pins facilitate not only the user but also the buyers on social media. Whenever something is clicked or liked on Pinterest, customers have a choice to make the purchase easily as a buyable pin which is ready to click on it.

When a customer clicks the buyable pin, the customer receives further information to put their card details and the order proceeds.

Pinterest will not take anything from your salary, and alongside, you can still work on handling shipping and customer service.

In short, buyable pins not only allow customers to discover and buy your products right from Pinterest, but it also improves conversion, which results in an excellent experience of e-commerce.

How to sell on Pinterest?

Pinterest has turned into a marketer’s heaven. 96% of Pinterest users regularly check products and DIY’s on the channel, while 87% of them buy those items that they see.

Recent research shows that Pinterest has excelled Instagram in influencing purchasing decisions amongst US users. Since the beginning, when the users started using Pinterest, the user base was a female majority.

Pinterest is perfect for streamlining the initial stages of the customers buying experience. It is as good as a scrapbook in a website form, though more diverse, particularly…
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