How to manage a burst pipe

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Burst pipes are common during the winter season, and they can cost both time and money to fix the problems. When water freezes and expands with great force, we get burst pipes.

A burst pipe is a real deal, and you shouldn’t try to DIY it. The first thing to do in this situation should be to call a professional plumber.

Before the plumber arrives, as a first response, here’s what you can do to reduce the damage. Have a look!

#1. Switch Off the Water Main: This is like a no-brainer, but very important, nevertheless. Fully switch off the water supply.

The water from the leak sometimes reaches the electrical sockets, or fuse box in the house. To prevent any further damage, shut off your electricity as well.

The main water shut-off control may be in the basement, or close to the water heater, or placed under a metal lid on your property. Try to locate it as soon as you can.

#2. Drain: Open taps and faucets to drain away the remaining cold water from the system. You may have to flush your toilet many times.

This way leftover water inside the pipes won’t freeze. Doing so releases the pressure in the pipe. You should also turn off the heating in the house and drain the hot taps. Switch off the water boiler and release all hot water.

#3. Allow Warm Air Inside: If the pipe burst is due to cold weather, let in some warm air. Drain the remaining water from the pipes and turn the heat on.

You could also open up the cabinet doors that houses the pipe. This will prevent the remaining water from freezing and help in draining the water.

#4. Mop Up the Excess Water: Most probably, by this time, you would have located the source of the leak. Clue: There’s always a water trail. Mop away the excess water and prevent mold formation.

#5. Document the Incident: After your first response, it is time to document the mishap. You could take pictures of the damage done to our home and belongings.

Take pictures of the burst, and the impact. Don’t throw away anything. These will serve as proof for the insurance company…
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