When is the best time to travel?

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Travel plans are hardly spur of the moment. Months earlier, corners of travel magazines are folded, a lot of Instagram pictures ‘liked’, and a couple of travel agents looked up on the internet.

One begins to weave dreams of nights camping under bright stars, days savouring fresh drinks along the poolside and scavenging old relics and hardcovers in antique shops nestled in cobblestone streets.

There’s the mandatory scanning of bank accounts, sifting of travel documents for the whole family to see everything is in order and nothing has expired since the last time a trip was planned.

One needs to research flight rates, cheap accommodations with comfortable facilities and local attractions along the way.

It is all a long process that pans out over months. So one of the realities facing anyone who has ever planned a trip is that timing matters.

There’s always a good time and a bad time for travelling. This is subject to a couple of factors that are explained below.

Where you’re going

London is dripping wet in winters. Dubai is blistering under the sun in summers, and the sand on all the postcard beaches burns your feet, which is a not so idyllic conclusion to your fantasy.

Moral of the story is that no place is the ideal tourist destination throughout the year. So, you have to schedule your travelling plans according to the particular destination you are interested in.

The same place can offer a totally different experience in different months of the year. If you’re going to Europe, the best time to visit is summer and fall.

This way, you can escape the dreariness of the winter months. It can get bitterly cold during winter, and if you come from a warmer climate, you might spend the entire visit cooped up in a hotel room with flu.

However, that is not the big picture. Winter is also the low season, which means most people won’t be planning their European holiday at the same time.

So, you might be able to escape the swarming crowds in peak season when all the attractions are overbooked.

You can also schedule your trip around Christmas, which is one of the most beautiful things to witness in a western country…
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