Benefits of having only one child

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Gone are days when raising one child seemed unacceptable. Such children were often thought to be socially inept, spoiled and even lonely. But things have changed. With the rising cost of living, more and more parents are opting to have just one child. Honestly, the responsibilities involved when raising two or more children cannot be compared with raising only one child. The truth is, having one child is pretty easier for the parents.

If you are a parent to an only child, please let the guilt of thinking you are unfair to go away. There are so many advantages that come with raising one child to both the parents and the child. For instance, in a single-child family, parents are guaranteed to only deal with one child’s screams, tantrums and meltdowns. Something common with toddlers. That alone can give you peace of mind. Again, even if there are disadvantages of an only child, that doesn’t automatically mean having two or three kids is a walk in the park. Large families have their benefits and disadvantages too.

Why choose to parent only one kid?

If you have always wanted to have one child, let no one discourage you. You are still an amazing parent and below are some of the benefits you stand to gain throughout your parenthood journey.

Independent creativity

As a one child-parent, no need to worry about being the only one who can entertain your baby. Interestingly, the child can learn creative and resourceful ways to entertain themselves. The good part is that you will not have to deal with often cries because the other sibling offended the other. When the child is playing alone, there is no room to blame someone else in case something does not turn out the way he/she would have wanted. The child learns to own their mistakes.

Greater opportunities

Another advantage of having one child is that you have enough time and resources to pursue other things apart from parenting. With only one child to take care of, parents have an opportunity to pursue other interests in life such as advancing their education levels, building their dream house, travelling the world and much more. All these can bring a lot of happiness in their lives. These are privileges that larger families may fail to enjoy because of the burden that comes with caring for many children.

Reduced cost of childcare

The cost of raising children is getting higher every day. Parents have to deal with burdens such as upkeep, paying for childcare and saving for children’s education. The more babies the more the burden. But when it comes to having only one child, the cost dramatically reduces. More so, when you are done with a certain stage like buying diapers, it will be for a lifetime. You will never again budget for diapers and at the same time pay school fees for the elder siblings.

Better education

Parents to an only child can take their child to best schools right from primary level to university. They are not likely to disappoint their child because they can’t afford to pay for their master’s program since other siblings need to get educated as well. That alone can give both the parents and the child lots of peace. The child is also able to work hard in school because they are guaranteed to reach the level of their desire. Apart from education, parents can also afford to pay for other classes and training which are also helpful to the child. Such a child’s good performance in school and other areas in life is a door to better opportunities in life. Which parent doesn’t want the best for their child?

Strong bond

The easiest way you can become the best friend to your child is raising them alone. A child grows up knowing they are the most precious thing in your life. This makes the child closer to you than it would have been the case if there were other kids in the picture. The family is also likely to stay closer to each other. It is a common thing to see a one-child family doing things such as cooking, taking a walk or jogging together. It is because they have developed a strong bond between them.

Secondly, the time parents would have used to solve sibling rivalry is used to do other creative activities around the home. More so, since it’s easier to agree on something because the number of people involved is smaller, such a family will enjoy many happy moments.

Tips for raising an only child

If you want to raise a self-disciplined child, make use of these tips.

Involve the child

When raising one child, it’s important to involve them in your conversations. If you keep telling them that the conversation is meant for adults, then they will feel less important. Instead, take advantage of the opportunity you have with your child to do constructive things. For example, enrich your child with knowledge and vocabularies by encouraging him/her to join your conversations. You will realize that the more you involve him in your discussions, the more the child will mature faster and also develop good communication skills.

Give responsibilities

At times, it may be tempting to forget that your precious child needs to be given some responsibilities. You may want to do everything for them right from making their bed to dusting their study table. Even if you have all the time because they are the only child, for the sake of their growth and development, you must give them some responsibilities. Allow the child to do some simple chores around the round. Even if the results will not be perfect, you will have taught them to be independent. A crucial trait they will need in their adult life.


Parenting one child does not make you a lesser parent. You are still an amazing parent it’s just that you get to enjoy your parenthood journey more. The child also gets to enjoy the fine things in life because the costs involved are manageable. However, don’t be overprotective or overdo the things that can spoil the child. Allow them to interact with other people and teach them manners that will help them even in their adult life.

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