10 little known benefits of chocolate for hair and skin

chocolate and pepper

We are all aware that a rich diet plays the most important role in promoting good health, skin and hair. We try our best to consume foods which would enhance our beauty.

The benefit of chocolates for your health comes from cacao beans which are roasted and ground to produce cocoa. These beans are used to make chocolates, cocoa powder and cocoa mass.

Cacao are full of nutrients like Vitamin A, Calcium, Proteins, Riboflavin, Copper, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Potassium which are excellent for your hair and skin. Here there are a few benefits of chocolate.

Benefits of Chocolates for Hair

1. Chocolates help in improving the overall quality of your hair. You can get extremely soft, glossy and voluminous hair with this sweet treat!

2. Cacao are a circulation booster. Thus, by eating chocolates you can expect a reduction in hair fall and get healthier locks.

3. Cacao have anti- inflammatory properties. Eating chocolates would thus help you fight off scalp infections.

4. Vitamin B2, also called Riboflavin aids in faster hair growth. 85% of hair is composed of protein that is attached by amino acids. Eating chocolate will help in providing you with the need Riboflavin which is part of good nutrition.

5. Cacao has the ability to darken hair. Apart from eating chocolates, if you apply cacao powder on your hair, you can expect to darken your greys!

Benefits of Chocolate for Skin

Expect great skin eating chocolates as cacao are amazing in promoting skin benefits. Full of antioxidants, cacao are full of Vitamins and Minerals, Omega 5 fatty acids, Magnesium too. It promotes your cellular healing, glowy skin and good blood flow.

6. Skin cells get repaired and rejuvenated because of the raw enzymes present in cacao.

7. Vitamin C and Magnesium will promote overall skin health, making it firm.

8. As cacao is loaded with antioxidants, eating chocolates will block the harmful free radicals in the body. You can expect your body to fight diseases including premature aging.

9. Eating chocolates will hydrate your skin, making it look younger as cacao has the property to improve the skin’s appearance and complexion.

10. Cacao are full of omega 6 fatty acids. Consumption of chocolates will thus help in healing of cells, scars and wounds.

There are various ways of consuming chocolates apart from biting on those bars. Indulge in a heavenly mug of hot chocolate, a rich chocolate cake or a chocolate shake and enjoy this sinful treat guilt-free.

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