Should you refinance your auto loan or not?

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As time passes, you may get better car deals or simply feel the current auto loan isn’t favoring you and you opt for refinancing.

Before you fully decide to refinance, you need to make an educated decision. The truth is, refinancing has its pros and cons, and you need to know them before you make the final step.

Benefits of Refinancing

The interest rate could be lower

One of the strongest reasons for refinancing if you get a lender offering a lower interest rate. Previously, you may have had poor or no credit.

Usually, people with poor credit scores often get some pretty high-interest rates. If your credit score improves, the chances are that you can get a lender offering a lower interest rate.

You can get options on how you can improve your credit score. Your credit score is the key to unlocking great deals.

As such, the deal of lower interest rates becomes enticing and could potentially be cheaper in the long run. This means reduced monthly payments and a shorter repayment period.

You can extend your loan term

Refinancing needs to be well-thought about before you finally sign the agreement. If you get a lender offering a cheaper interest rate, you have the potential to extend your loan term.

Be careful when choosing this option because even when you are paying less monthly, you may end up paying more than the original lender. You may end up extending your loan period, which explains the high expense.

Changing from variable to fixed rates and vice versa

Interest rates are what mainly determine if the auto loan you choose is worth it or not. Some lenders offer variable interest rates while others offer fixed rates or both.

You may have initially chosen variable interest rates, and after some time due to market conditions, they rose and became insanely high. When you calculate you will end up paying a lot of money towards the loan.

Variable interest rates are only ideal when you can predict that they will go lower. However, some lenders will recommend them because they know they will ultimately go higher, which means more money for them.

Fixed rates are ideal in most scenarios because you are sure that they will remain constant until you fully repay the auto loan.

Refinancing a loan with a variable rate to a fixed one may end up being beneficial, and you may end up paying less than you’d have…
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