Author: Ann Mwangi

happy family cooking together

Benefits of having only one child

Gone are days when raising one child seemed unacceptable. Such children were often thought to be socially inept, spoiled and even lonely. But things have changed. With the rising cost of living, more and more parents are opting to have just one child. Honestly, the responsibilities involved when raising two or more children cannot be…

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teenager sleeping

How to cure sleep apnea

When people are sleeping, they can make grunting or snorting sound, commonly known as snoring. Not unless you are sharing sleeping space with someone, most probably, it will be hard to know that you are snoring. Even though snoring is annoying, if there are no other underlying causes behind it, there is no cause for…

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Happy Young Woman Taking Pizza Out Of Oven

4 great ways to be an amazing housewife

Some people consider housewives as idle people but this is absolutely not true. Whether you are newly married or are looking for ways to rejuvenate your marriage, this article is perfect for you. Taking care of the family should not be a hindrance to taking care of yourself as well. The following tips will ensure…

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women business meeting

How to get back to business after a natural disaster

It can never be business as usual if your business happens to be stricken by a natural disaster such as earthquake, floods etc. Although it is not easy, at least there are ways to help businesses get back to where they were before. In most cases, it is almost impossible to be productive before, during…

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