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Are you desperate to watch anime online? You are not alone, and you are in the right place. This post shares the best online sites you can watch anime. For the few who don’t have an idea what anime is, the word anime stands for all forms of animated media. It is a Japanese term for animation. The first anime came about in 1917. Anyone who finds time for anime movies will be entertained much since they focus on broad concepts. Anime sites have gained excellent fun support since they are based on the exciting theme and stunning graphics. That is not something you are likely to see in other animated movies.

Anime is so special, and even most anime fans say it is unique. You can’t compare it to the usual comics you find in the daily papers. Its uniqueness shows up in different ways, such as the cultural nuances exhibited by the characters, artwork storytelling, and breadth of material.

For decades, the production of anime was done in Japan for Japan. However, things have changed. A whole generation of anime lovers has grown tremendously. Due to this, the trend of watching anime online has increased. Don’t be left behind, read on, and discover some of the best anime websites to watch anime movies.

Best anime sites to watch anime online

You definitely love to watch anime online, right? In that case, below are some of the best anime websites on the web. Visit them and stream anime movies and series. Some even do so for free.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a viral website. It offers TV shows and movies with subbed and dubbed anime. Although the site has a limited collection of animes, its video quality is better compared to other anime streaming sites. Their collection doesn’t have favorite or well-known animes, but the hosted shows there are super cool. Plus, the site has a clean interface and a dark-themed UI.


JustDubs is another anime streaming website. It is best known for watching and downloading the best anime series and movies. You can do this for free. Its catalog consists of different genres such as drama, action, romance, horror, thriller, mystery, comedy, and many more.


Viewster is the most popular website when it comes to the provision of non-anime movies. However, the site offers anime movies and series for free. In other words, you can watch anime free on this site. The good thing about this site is that it as a decent collection of anime content though a little bit old.

Yahoo view

You can actually watch anime online free with Yahoo view. This particular site has a wide variety of anime series and movies. The videos are also high-quality. Another impressive feature about streaming on this site is the fact that there are no ads at all. It is also easier to choose what you want because the TV is categorized into different genres.


Lovers of anime are quite familiar with crackle. Sony owns the site. You will love to watch anime on this site due to their high-quality videos. If ads irritate you, you will be safe with this site. There is one problem with this site though, and there are countries it is not available.

If you love watching anime movies online, but the cost sometimes puts you off, consider You can watch free anime online on this site. It has a super quality server with high response. It has both the old anime series and the new anime series.

Further, all the series are subbed and dubbed in English. It also allows you to bookmark an episode and view it later. To enjoy all these, register yourself on the site for free.


Be sure to get all types of anime series on this site. That is because the site has a vast database. It also makes things easier for the user because its interface is attractive and straightforward. If you are a beginner, this is the perfect website because different genres of anime are available. The users have an easy time to choose what they want since the dubbed series are labeled with a green mark.


If you love watching anime, then this site is excellent for you. In fact, it is possible to find all the anime series on this anime stream website. Such things have made Chia-Anime probably one of the best sites to watch anime movies and series online. Another added advantage about this site is that when compared to other anime websites, this has the fewest pop-up ads. Even though it is a Japanese anime website, the majority of the episodes are English subbed. The episodes have proper titles for a comfortable arrangement. This gives the use of a super enjoyable experience.


Anytime you want to watch free anime movies, go to Anilinkz. However, the site offers the ongoing anime series. The site is not only user-friendly, but it is also fascinating. Thus, watching moving from this site is fun.

You get to view the updated video at the home page in the form of the thumbnail. Just a click away from streaming. The anime website aims to build an interactive community, and that is why there is a playback window which provides a discussion of the ongoing episode. The site has a lot of ads but even at that, be careful when clicking. You might click somewhere and end up prompting for more ads. Another thing you should know about this site is that it only shows the current anime series. So, if you are interested in the old ones, try looking for them on another website.


Crunchyroll is an anime website. It offers paid premium plans. However, it also gives its viewers a chance to watch thousands of episodes for free without even being members. In such a case, the only thing you will deal with is the commercials. They are usually three ad breaks per episode. If you don’t have a problem with the ads and the relatively low quality, then this site will be useful for you.

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