Amazing spots to experience nightlife in London

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If there is a city known for its club culture, then there is only one city that comes to my mind i.e. London. We all have visited and heard a lot about London’s swanky hotels, restaurants, castles, and various things you can do in this beautiful British city. But, not many people know that the city is also quite popular for clubbing.

Thursdays are loved by all those who want to unwind before their working hours, usually Saturday is the rush hour and you will see the clubs jam-packed here, on Sundays you can be part of various events throughout London clubs.

So, if you are in London and want to make the most of London’s nightlife, then allow me to share some of the best spots you should definitely visit.


Being one of the popular clubs of South Kensington, Boujis offers a unique experience and this destination is visited by some of the popular celebrities including – Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Lewis Hamilton, Dorian Rossini, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, and Prince William & Prince Harry.

Rest assured you will enjoy an unrivalled nightlife experience with some of the world’s renowned DJs playing your favourite tunes. From the outside, the club might look understated but the moment you enter the club, it’s an altogether different scenario.

The interior has fascinating lighting; the service they offer is just commendable. From the bartenders to the waitresses, they all give their best to put a smile on your face.

Corsica Studios

At the second position, Corsica Studios is an epitome of exclusivity and has the raw energy of Berlin Club. During the daytime, the club hides beneath Elephant and Castle Train Station, it’s the night time when the club comes to life.

This striking nightclub is divided into two spaces – the live music and bar area and a studio next door. There is a large terrace and a separate smoking area. For every nightclub, the music really matters the most and I am sure the club will be able to provide you with a bassy heartbeat.

At the club, you get to enjoy baile-funk, progressive rock, ghetto-tech, and wave-disco. You will, most of the times, get to hear techno and electro music, at times you may come across various hip-hop acts taking the stage.

The Nest

This is a great place to unwind with your friends and pals. Located in Dalston, the club’s main focus is always on the new and upcoming music. Offering you…
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