A comprehensive guide on Audi extended warranties

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Audi, a true testament to German engineering and the excellence involved in building a well-deserved reputation across the globe.

Audi vehicles are works of art and the driving pleasure these cars offer are rivaled by few and matched by even fewer.

People don’t realize the levels of quality and cost that goes into producing these vehicles which, understandably, gives rise to high repair costs when the occasion eventually does arrive.

While warranties are offered by all car manufacturers, issues come up at a much later stage when the expiry date has been crossed and the mileage threshold has long since been utilized.

This is where extended warranties come into play and when it comes to cars like Audi, they can save one a lot of money and despair.

Today, we’re going to take a look at these repair costs, the default manufacturer warranty and its drawbacks, the coverage offered under extended warranties, and the value for money you would enjoy if you were to purchase one.

Hopefully, by the end, we’ll be able to convince you as to why extended warranty for cars is a good idea.

Repair costs

Most critical component issues cost a small fortune to repair. Timing belt replacement can cost up to $900, whereas with V8 engines, timing chain issues can chalk up a bill that ranges in the thousands.

Depending on the issue you’re facing regarding your critical components, your costs can range anywhere from $1000 all the way up to $10000.

This shouldn’t come as a shock as Audi’s are luxury cars and the parts used are obviously of exceptionally high quality.

What else would you expect from a manufacturer that charges $2000 for a replacement side mirror!

Audi’s default manufacturer warranty – why it isn’t enough

As is the trend with all car manufacturers, Audi offers a four-year, 50000-mile warranty, which is included in the price of the car.

Audi also offers scheduled maintenance services for a fixed fee that would be built into your payment plan. Audi Care offers maintenance for the first 45000 miles, after which the fixed fee system stops and maintenance charges are according to tariffs in effect at the time.

Considering that most issues with high repair costs will pop up after the 100000-mile mark, the default warranty doesn’t offer much.

It will cover any manufacturer defects your car may have, but repairs associated with wear and tear over a long period of time will most likely never fall under…
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