8 easy shower repairs you can do yourself at home

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Do you need to have a repair made to one of the showers in your home?

It can cost anywhere from $45 to $150 per hour on average to have a plumber come to your home to fix it. You might also have to take off a day from work when you have a plumber perform shower repair for you.

Rather than relying on a plumber for shower repair services, why not try to make repairs to your shower on your own?

There are some repair jobs that are simple enough for homeowners to do themselves regardless of how much plumbing experience they have.

Here are 8 easy shower repairs you can do yourself at home without help from a plumber.

1. Replace Old Showerhead

Have you been using the same showerhead in your shower for more than a decade now? It’s probably time for you to replace it!

Outside of the fact that your old showerhead is likely dragging the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom down, it might also be very dirty.

And the last thing you want to do is clean yourself every morning or night with a dirty showerhead.

An older showerhead is easy enough to replace. With little more than a wrench and a little elbow grease, you can remove your old showerhead once you’ve shut your water off. You can then replace it with a brand-new one by screwing it into place.

Just make sure you use thread tape to prevent pressurized water from leaking out of your showerhead. It’ll look so much better than your old one once it’s in place and allow you to make the most of your showers moving forward.

2. Improve Low Water Pressure

When you have low water pressure in your shower, it can make it hard to rinse shampoo out of your hair or rinse soap off your body. It can also make showers a lot less pleasant than they should be.

There are a number of things that can cause low water pressure. An old showerhead might be to blame for it. But it might also be caused by a faulty shower diverter valve.

The shower diverter valve sits behind your showerhead. It should twist right off so that you can replace it when you remove your showerhead.

3. Put New Shower Caulk Into Place

If the caulk around the edges of your shower has seen better days, you should strongly consider replacing it. It’ll improve the look of your shower and stop water from leaking out of your shower at any point…
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