7 tips to keep your hair healthy in summer

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Summer means happy times, which means going to the beach and having fun. But your hairs have to deal with sun, chlorine, salt water and what not during the summer season.

We all know that the summer sun can be harmful to our skin as well as our hair if we don’t take the necessary precautions.

Let’s have a look at some of the effects of the summer sun on your hair and see what havoc it is causing.

Effects of summer on your hair

  • You may have healthy hair all year round, but summer turns your hair lifeless. This is due to the high humidity content in the atmosphere which settles on your hair and weighs it down.
  • The UV rays can turn your natural and colored hair to lose its shine.
  • The summer sun can also cause your hair to become dry and lifeless.

We all need to take proper care of our hair during the summers so that they are healthy and shiny. But what can be done so that our hair doesn’t lose their texture this summer?

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of few tips and tricks to look after your hair this summer.

1. Reduce heat as much as you can

If you have to spend a long day in the sun, it is highly recommended that you either apply a deep conditioner containing SPF protection.

You can also cover your hair with a hat to avoid direct contact with the sun. You can also protect your hair by avoiding heat styling products such as straightener, automatic curling iron, etc. as much as possible.

If you have to style your hair during summers, you can try out the heatless hairstyle ideas. There are natural ways to curl your hair without using any heat on them.

Though it is challenging to avoid heating devices, but it is really beneficial for your hair.

2. Get a trim frequently

You can go for a cool hair cut this summer, but if you are thinking that you will get good hair growth afterward, then you might be wrong. Your hair grows from the root, and hence your body cannot identify when it has been cut…
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