7 tips for organizing your holiday brunches for less stress & more family time

preparing family brunch

The holidays are a great time, all the people you care for the most are around you, and you get to spend some quality time with your family.

But more often than not, these family gatherings can end up causing a lot of stress, especially if the gatherings are not planned and organized properly.

The major part of the stress is felt by the people who are hosting the gathering. So, if you are planning to host a family gathering like a brunch these holidays than this post is for you.

To help you out, we have prepared a list of some tips that will help you be more organized in the preparation and hosting of the brunch to make your family gathering more fun and less stressful.

Do Some Meal-Prep during the Week

This is an excellent way to reduce your work-load on the actual day of the holiday brunch. You should try and get as much work as possible done before the day of the family gathering.

Start thinking and operating like a chef and make sure that all the items that need to be boiled are boiled the night before the holiday gathering, and you should also wash and chop all the vegetables earlier and store them in the fridge so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time prepping on the day of the family gathering.

Choose a Dessert That Can Be Prepared Beforehand

Choose those types of deserts for the brunch that can be prepared during the meal prep process. You can make items like cranberry sauce and cookies in the week leading to the big day.

Another option for a quick dessert is pizzelle, which is a traditional Italian dessert. You can make them in no time using a pizzelle maker.

Preparing your deserts earlier will save you a lot of time on the day of the brunch. And it will save you a lot of stress.

Set the Table the Night Before

Another excellent method to save time and effort on the day of the family gathering is to set the table the night before the brunch.

This will save a lot of time on the big day because you won’t have to stress a lot about cleaning the plates and glasses and other utensils…
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