6 awesome VR applications that go beyond gaming

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The gaming industry might be the primary innovator within the virtual reality (VR) space. But VR applications extend further than gaming. While VR is an amazing tool for the gaming industry, this is just one market segment.

As non-gaming platforms, VR applications are experiencing a growth in diversified content. Greater expansion in multiple industries such as tourism, retail, and education greatly increases the adoption rate of virtual reality in the wider consumer market.

VR has immense potential to impact the future of many industries. Below, we list five industries already realizing the limitless potential of virtual reality.

1. Education

A growing number of educational virtual reality content is enabling students to learn beyond the classroom. VR applications allow students to take virtual field trips and campus tours, and even participate in distance learning programs.

The popular social application VR chat is used in the University of British Columbia Law School to enable distance learning students to participate in virtual reality lectures. Stanford Graduate School of Business recently launched a certificate program delivered entirely through VR applications.

2. Travel & Tourism

Several applications, such as Google Expeditions and Discovery VR, are giving potential travelers the opportunity to experience a place before they visit.

The “try-before-you-buy” model available through virtual reality allows for greater marketability of travel products. The immersive travel experiences available through VR enable consumers to preview destinations to decide if it’s right for them.

3. Health

Medicine is going digital. VR applications are affording healthcare practitioners, from medical students to nurses and surgeons, exciting new opportunities in gaining experience in caring for patients.

Virtual reality can simulate numerous clinical scenarios for physicians and nurses to safely make beginner mistakes. This allows medical practitioners to effectively tackle medical errors and miscommunication…
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