5 useful cloud migration examples you need to know

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It is undeniable that the cloud migration can come with tons of benefits. It has things to do with the scalability, reliability, flexibility, productivity, as well as cost effectiveness in the long run.

Regardless of the promising prospect’s knowledge of the cloud migration strategy, the execution of the migration will come with the strings and challenges you need to face.

Not only the security challenges, but also different types of factors like connections, adaptations, effectiveness, and so on.

In the end, cloud migration indeed comes with the perks and benefits. But to get there, you will need to break all of the obstacles that might hinder the process of migration.

Therefore, it is important to see the cloud migration examples from other companies so that you will learn some important things from them.

From Bare Metal to Cloud – Betabrand

Betabrand is a crowd-funded retail clothing e-commerce company. The company planned to migrate from Bare metal to Cloud.

The Betabrand company had issues with the bare metal maintenance difficulties. With their conventional metal infrastructure, it was hard for them to scale their business up. The more crowded their website, the harder they can handle the peak website traffic.

With the Kubernetes or Google Kubernetes Engine, Betabrand bare metal infrastructure was migrated to Google Cloud Infrastructure.

They managed to complete the migration before the Black Friday 2017. and it was a successful migration.

The surge in web traffic happened again in Black Friday 2018. And they could handle it really well. The auto-scaling cloud infrastructure from Google Cloud helped them to handle the loads without any hassle. Since the cloud migration, the company has never met any significant issue in their cloud environment.

There’s a sensible reason behind their success. Before the actual migration process, the company with the help of GKE performed several tests to demonstrate the practices of the migrations. They found out poor results in the code paths when they tested the server in heavy workloads.

But they were able to fix the problems before Black Friday 2017. From this study, we must know that series of tests are necessary before conducting actual migration.

Cloud to Cloud – Shopify

If you have been around the internet marketing for a while, you will surely be familiar with Shopify. It is popular because of its e-commerce software platform which has helped hundreds of thousands of small to mid-sized businesses around the world to get online visibility.

To make sure to maintain their wonderful service, Shopify decided to move their cloud-based server to the better cloud environment.

They would want to upgrade their infrastructure to provide much better support for their customers…
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