5 amazing reasons to honor brave firefighters in America

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Everywhere you look, all around us, are everyday heroes.

From school teachers to those in the military, to emergency first responders. The world is made up of incredible and heroic individuals that, if you ask them, are only doing their jobs.

But firefighters are perhaps the most heroic of them all. Because let’s face it, willingly running into a burning building takes a lot of courage, and that alone makes them worth honoring.

But there are a few other reasons, and risks that are taken, that makes firefighters stand out amongst their peers. In fact, to say that firefighters are real-life versions of the characters we cheer for in movies and television would be a fair assessment.

So why are the men and women that make up the fire protection district in your area worth honoring? And are brave firefighters as great as society tells us they are?

In this article, we’ll give you a few reasons why firefighters are some of the most heroic individuals in our society. Also, we’ll discuss why we should all take the time to thank them for their service when possible.

1. Firefighters Risk Their Lives Daily

We’ve already touched briefly on the risks that firefighters face on a daily basis. But it’s worth diving deeper into those risks if you want to gain a true understanding of what being a firefighter is all about.

Again, firefighters put their lives on the line every day by placing themselves in dangerous situations. In fact, in 2018 alone, 84 firefighters in the United States lost their lives while on the job.

Those numbers don’t account for the countless that were injured while doing whatever it takes to help complete strangers.

From a gas leak to a burning building, firefighters put themselves in harm’s way in order to save lives. And this alone is reason enough to honor the men and women who wear the uniform.

2. They Inspire All Local Citizens

If you ever venture out into your neighborhood on the night of Halloween, odds are you’re going to see quite a few children dressed up as firefighters.

Because while there is a multitude of heroes from films and television shows that are worth dressing up as on October 31st, none of them are as real, and as easy to connect to, like firefighters.

And children aren’t the only ones inspired by their local firefighters, the adults are, too. You will often see news stories about everyday citizens risking their lives…
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