4 active games your kids can play with your dog

girl playing with her dog

There’s nothing quite like seeing your child and your dog having a great time playing together. An excellent relationship between the child and your dog is mutually rewarding and beneficial.

Both typically have excess energy ready to burn, and your child will probably have more free time and patience to entertain your dog than you do.

Not only will playtime between your child and dog provide them with hours of fun and a healthy release for all that excess energy they have acquired during the day, but it’s also a wonderful way of helping your child stay fit and active.

If you’d love to see your child eagerly playing with your dog after school rather than looking for screen time or adult interaction, read on for four active games for your child and dog to enjoy together.

Obstacle Course

If, like us, you’re interested in raising eco-friendly kids through fun activities and habits you’ll love the idea of your child creating an obstacle course for your dog using everyday household items.

An obstacle course is best suited as an outdoor activity in a well fenced back yard but can easily be adapted to become a rainy-day indoor activity.

Encourage your child to use everyday household items like chairs, buckets, toys, broom handles, hula hoops, and anything else they can gather to create a course for your dog to weave around, crawl under, jump over, or even balance on.

Part of the fun of creating an obstacle course comes from gathering appropriate items and setting out the course, while the real fun will start once your child starts helping your dog to navigate the course.

Encourage your child to problem solve and alter the course as they go to suit your dog’s abilities.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek can be played in many ways depending on whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, the amount of room you have, and the way your dog likes to play.

A well-trained dog can be told and stay in and out of the way area while your child hides. When your child has found the perfect hiding spot, they can yell, “Come” and then stay as still as possible while your dog tries to find them.

Alternatively, puppies or dogs that are not as well-trained could be helped by the child to find a small treat or their favorite toy.

By providing plenty of encouragement and lots of enthusiasm once your dog has found whatever it was they were looking for, your dog will very quickly learn how to play this fun game…
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