3 full body exercises for crazy amounts of strength

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I’ve been training with weights for several years. I’ve gained a lot of real world in the gym experience, and we’ve figured out a lot of things when it comes to building serious amounts of strength.

For starters, there isn’t just one type of “strength” when it comes to resistance training.

Some trainees can lift heavy for a few reps. Some can crank out an amazing number of reps with their body weight on exercises like dips, chin ups or push ups.

Others are explosive and do really well with plyometric work or ‘explosive’ activities like the Olympic lifts like the snatch, or track and field events like the long jump.

To maximize your training, we’re going to talk about three different types of exercises, all of which will help you build more speed, muscle mass, endurance and pure power.

3 Full Body Exercises For Crazy Amounts of Strength

1. Barbell Dead Lift

This is the ultimate strength training exercise. There is nothing that screams pure strength like picking up a heavy weight from a dead stop on the ground.

The deadlift will not only help you develop serious amounts of strength but it’s the ultimate mass building exercise as well.

The deadlift really targets the back but it will help put muscle all of the body as it hits just about every muscle there is from head to toe, including the legs, glutes, hips, arms and shoulders in addition to the back.

Believe it or not, the barbell deadlift even works the abs since you have to keep the entire body ‘tight’ in order to perform the exercise properly.

If you’re an athlete looking to put on size or strength in order to increase performance in your sport, you absolutely must include the barbell deadlift in your training routine.

If you’re just a regular guy that works out and wants to add some muscle mass, it’s the same. The deadlift needs to be in any routine where the goal is muscle mass or strength increases. Or both.

To perform the deadlift, you simply lift a barbell off the floor. This is done by placing your shins an inch or two from the bar, bending down with straight arms, a flack back and head…
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