16 tips to taking care of your stylish jackets

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Jackets seem to be made to last regardless of the weather conditions and frequency of wearing. However, without proper care, you may have to say goodbye to your stylish outerwear too soon. This could be especially sad if it’s your favorite jacket.

In this article, we’ll talk about several ways to take care of your jackets. All the below tips are simple. All you have to do is find a little time. Don’t avoid care, and you may be surprised by how long your garments last.

Caring for Leather Jackets

It doesn’t matter whether your jacket is fully made of leather or leather parts; these tips can help you keep it in top shape. Leather jackets can last a lifetime and beyond.

1. Use Leather Protector

Leather protector isn’t expensive, but it can save you lots of money on jacket replacement. Applying such a protector at least once a season can make your jacket resistant to moisture, oil, and stains.

2. Always Hang It

Never fold your jacket when you aren’t wearing it. You should place it on a hanger. Don’t wrap it in plastic. Make sure the hanger is large enough to help the jacket keep its shape. Don’t stuff it into the closet with numerous other garments. The garment should have some space to “breathe”.

3. Read the Label

Always follow cleaning instructions on the label. Different types of leather may need different care. According to jacket experts, instructions are especially important for garments, which only have leather inserts. Combined materials need special care.

4. Clean Lightly

To clean a leather jacket, you can use a soft cotton cloth and soapy water. Wipe the garment instead of soaking it. Ideally, you should delegate the cleaning process to the professional dry cleaner at least once a year. Most likely you’ll see “dry clean only” on the label.

Caring for Faux Leather Jackets

As faux leather is gaining popularity, more and more companies are offering faux leather jackets. The benefits of such a material are obvious, but it may not last as long as real leather does. Faux leather needs special care as well.

1. Keep Away from Fire

Faux leather is highly flammable. So make sure to keep it away from heat sources. Such material catches fire quickly and can be damaged by heat. That’s why these jackets can’t be dry cleaned.

2. Check the Label

Faux leather garments can usually be washed in a washing machine, using a special mild detergent. However, some may need…
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