15 marketing trends of social media you need to watch

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Register the year in your calendar; but don’t forget to register the marketing trends in your business list.

Time and again, new implementations have introduced in the market and it’s very crucial to stay updated with all the latest trends. As you must be aware of social media, its the most reliable channel to show you the real face of the market and business world.

In this year, you will come to know the 15 marketing trends of social media and we ensure these will be beneficial for you in all the aspects.

1. Tell your story

By telling a story you can share a good bond with your customers. In this way, all words will bring a client to your side. The storytelling style will benefit your clients instead of your brand.

Firstly, explore the most genuine topic and save your time to share your viewpoint and further post this video on different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Many people consider financial and insurance topics are boring to discuss so explain the financial advisor marketing services in storytelling pattern.

2. Open to social messaging

In previous years, the marketers had overlooked the messaging apps such as Wechat, Facebook messengers and WhatsApp.

It has been observed that around 1 billion people are active on messages app so, its highly critical to keep these applications under your considerations.

It is believed that much of the work has been shared digitally, so why you are ignoring social messaging apps? This year, social messaging apps will impact the brand at greater depth.

3. Live video

The live video is one of the best and genuine track to attract more visitors to your brand. As they feel more touched and can observe the realistic attitude of your brand towards the users.

People feel streaming live videos reflect your behavior towards a client. Even client can analyze your products and services in your tone.

4. Rebuild customer’s trust

Every brand should work harder to earn their client’s trust if they lost it in the previous years. This is not the end of their professional journey. With time and new marketing tools like social platforms, they can stand out from the audience and reconnect with their users.

Make them aware of fake rumors that they have heard earlier. Feed them the features and benefits of your brand so that they give you another opportunity to serve them…
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