10 tips on how to evaluate the quality of an oil painting

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The value of a piece of artwork varies from person to person. There are a variety of factors that determine the quality of an artwork and what it’s worth.

Evaluating the quality of an oil painting can seem difficult at first, but there are certain ways that even an art novice can assess a painting.

We’re going to give you some help in this and give you ten tips on how to evaluate the quality of an oil painting.

1. Proportions

You’ll want to evaluate the proportions that are displayed in the artwork. Proportions will depend heavily on the style that the painting was created in, so be sure to remember this when evaluating the painting.

For realistic oil paintings, you’ll want to see that the proportions mimic those found in life. For more abstract works, simply look to ensure that the proportions are stylistically consistent.

2. Originality

Oil paintings, at the core, are a way to express oneself in the most intimate way. It requires no skill to copy another artist’s work, which is why originality is so highly sought in the art world.

That is not to say that you should avoid reproductions, which don’t detract from the original artist’s work. You can buy oil paintings online that are recreations and don’t lose any of the originality from the actual piece.

These are often a great choice, especially if you don’t have the luxury of buying an original and few people do. What you don’t want is an artist that copies another one shamelessly and without the credit a reproduction gives.

If someone decided to take an Impressionists view of a lake full of lily pads, it would look more like they’re copying Claude Monet rather than offering something original.

3. Significance

Consider the significance of the work when evaluating an oil painting. Significance refers to a quality that expands the way that the world is perceived.

In regards to paintings, the significance would take the form of a statement that the artist makes that, in turn, creates a wider social effect.

The qualitative significance of a piece can vary greatly. Modern art, specifically, often aims to capture a lot with very little.

A simple painting on canvas of only a line can say something about society. Other pieces may hold significance in the fact that they show the artist’s perspective of the world…
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