10 tips on how to design your perfect wedding venue

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There are few moments in life that are more personal, romantic, and important than your wedding. Your wedding stands as the crowning moment that seeks to set you off into a new life with your significant other.

Most people will think about their wedding for years, from childhood even, before they get the chance to see it become a reality.

What you’ll need most of all is an immaculate wedding venue that has been dressed up to meet your demands and personal taste. Today, we are going to walk you through ten simple tips for getting the perfect wedding venue.

Whether you want a small wedding or a massive one, designing your perfect day is going to take some work. Weddings are meant to be both personal and approachable for your family and friends.

In order to have the wedding of your dreams, you are going to have to balance both facets. What’s more, you are going to have to pay attention to a collection of key tips and tricks.

Listed below, you’ll find ten tips for getting the wedding venue of your dreams.

1. Pay Attention to the Weather – When you are shopping around for venues, or dressing up one that you’ve already booked, you need to pay attention to the weather.

While you can’t forecast the weather on a date six months in advance, you can at least round out your understanding of the local climate.

If you are getting married in Chicago, in September, you probably don’t want to bank on a warm, outdoor wedding.

2. Understand Your Budget Limitations – Before you start designing your dream wedding venue, take a long and realistic look at your budget.

While it is totally fine to spend extra for your special day, you still need to be understanding of your finances. There’s no point in having a magical wedding if it ends up driving you straight into poverty.

Take a moment to assess your finances and set upper restrictions on how much you will spend. Stick to these restrictions.

3. Make A List of Venue Options – Now that you have an understanding of your budget, it is time to do some research.

Start looking into the different venues that fit into your price range. Make as long or short of a list as you want.

Understand that this list is not definitive and if you have a bad feeling about a location, feel free to discard it. Your intuition shouldn’t be the end-all of the conversation, but…
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