10 easy, doable tasks for every first-time marathon runner

marathon runners

You think you are ready to join your first marathon and facw’ the challenges presented in 42 kilometers, or 26 miles? Marathons are invariably part of a serious runner’s life, a milestone where the journey sometimes matters more than the winning does.

They say long-distance runs are more about you racing against yourself than it is against others. You have your record to set or beat. Nevertheless, this mind-set doesn’t take away the pressure of the race.

How to keep up? Take note of these insights to help you get through your first-ever marathon well and free from body aches.

Know Thyself

Challenge is good, but know your limits or work steadfastly toward overcoming them. Any race, be it a 10K or an ultra marathon, entails full mental and physical preparation. The risk of moving too fast too soon manifests itself in injuries. That’s why base mileage, along with the adequate level of marathon training, is everything.

Draw Up a Plan

Have a solid game plan to cover the coming weeks leading to the marathon. Serious training can go on for months. You can come up with your training plan, seeking input from fitness coaches and fellow runners. The key is to build endurance in slowly and steadily.

Show Up for Training

Long-distance runs require a strategy. Whether you run, walk, or do both, you can figure it out as you go through training day by day. As this runner notes, the first step is the hardest, and there’s no way around it but to get up and get moving. Don’t ever drag your feet.

Set Clear-Cut Goals

When your training assumes the theoretical and you lose focus, think of your goals – what made you sign up for this difficult challenge? Is it to set a personal record, realize a lifelong dream, or reap the rewards of hard work? Go back to these aims when you feel like procrastinating or giving up while training.

Ask a Friend

Your friend who has reaped countless finisher’s medals is the best source for tips and hacks before, during, or after the run. Find out how he trains, his best practices for working out or keeping the motivation. See how you can fit these into your routine. It may help to join running groups for more ideas and even company to break…
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