internet filtering

5 ways to bypass internet censorship and filtering

Internet censorship is the suppression or restriction to access or publish information through the internet. Internet filtering is the technical approach of restricting access to content on the internet. Why are Websites Blocked? There are many reasons why websites may be blocked. First, many services utilize geo-blocking tools to prevent internet users from accessing them…

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internet network connections

What you need to know about Suddenlink Communications

Suddenlink Communications is a cable internet provider, founded in 2003. It was recently bought by Altice USA though it is still marketed and sold under the Suddenlink brand name. It is among the largest cable internet providers in the United States. It offers its services throughout Texas, West Virginia, Louisiana, and 16 other states. It’s…

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bed mattress white sheets

What you need to remember when shopping for a new mattress

It is common knowledge that two of the most critical factors for healthy living for human beings is a proper diet and proper sleep. Without either, a person’s functioning dims down and can eventually cause long-term damages to the internal structures. Sleeping, although less appreciated by quite a few people, is hugely beneficial for the…

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patient in hospital bed

Steps to mental recovery after a major surgery

Major surgeries often require time taken off work and lengthy recovery periods spent resting and healing. While it is true that much of the recovery is physical, it takes time for your mind and mental health to recover as well after such an event. What steps can you take to help aid your mental recovery…

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chocolate and pepper

10 little known benefits of chocolate for hair and skin

We are all aware that a rich diet plays the most important role in promoting good health, skin and hair. We try our best to consume foods which would enhance our beauty. The benefit of chocolates for your health comes from cacao beans which are roasted and ground to produce cocoa. These beans are used…

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senior couple hiking

Essential things you need to know about hiking

If you are planning to go hiking, then you want to enjoy all the benefits associated with hiking and make it a memorable experience. However, if this is your first time, hiking can be a bit intimidating. But not to worry, when you have the right information, you will enjoy your hiking trip just like…

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